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Sandal powder rain at Saibaba Temple

Namo Sai When i first saw the video in zee tamil tv i was astonished. There were all sandol powder on Sri Sai which had...

sai temple at mappedu near tambaram chennai

NamoSai This sai temple is roughly within 3 km's from the camp road of tambaram, chennai. It is named as "Nithiya Surabi Abisheka Sri Saibaba Aalayam"....

Sayings of Sai

Have faith and patience. Then I will be always with you wherever you are.

quotes from shri “Sathya Sai”

Please find herewith the quotes of the day. This is a quote from "Lord Shri Sathya Sai"   Whatever you do, wherever you may be, always...

God and I

Recently i had lost some money which is quite big considering the income that i generate and especially having quit the job thinking of...

Sai temple at nangnallur

Please find herewith the location of Sai Baba temple near nanganallur. Address: 24th St, Thillaiganga Nagar, Nangainallur, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600061 Thillaiganga nagar and nanganallur are...