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Dr.joy's Homeopathic Hairloss Alopecia Clinic bangalore india


             Dr.joy’s care ‘n’ cure health clinic the pioneer in hairloss treatment with it’s exclusive award winning trichologist dr.joy’s midas touch homoepathic formuls gives a permanent solution for your hairloss problems like male patterened baldness,female patterened baldness,alopecia aerata[hairloss in round patches],grey hairs and dandruff.No other clinic has been so far able to provide such a miraculous solution for hairloss treatment as award winning trichologist & homoepath dr.joy’s care ‘n’ cure health clinic has provided.

Thousands of people both within and abroad india who have lost hope for their hairloss treatment after taking gimick treatments from other clinics like polarised rays,ozone rays and aroma theraphy were surprised to see the result dr. joy’s superspecial  award winning homoepathic hairformula could produce for their hairfall and thinning.So let care’n’ cure health clinic with it’s famous trichologist dr.joy be your one and only trusted solution for your hairloss treatment. Dr.joy has won 2 times national award for his outstanding achievements in the field of homeopathy and trichology which no one else can boast off.Nobody else can give a better result for hairloss than us.This is our guarentee.

For details and for outstation patients for online consultation and medicines visit our website www.drjosyjoy.com.

Hair plays a significant role in our daily life. Hair disorders especially when severe often profoundly affect the life of those afflicted. Severe hair loss evokes not only cosmetic concerns but also evokes feelings of vulnerability, loss of self esteem and even self identity. The adult human body averages 5 million hair, of which 1,00,000 to 15,000 are on the scalp itself. Each hair arises from a hair root and this hair root is enclosed in a sac like structure known as hair follicle. From each hair root upto 20 hairs can come in the life cycle of a human being.

Let us first understand the various types of hairloss and the causative factors. There are various types of baldness, the common varieties are

1) Male patterned baldness

2) Female patterned baldness

3) Alopecia Aerata/alopecia totalis

In both male patterned baldness and female patterned baldness there is a diffused thinning of hair. Male patterned baldness are mainly caused due to stress, dandruff scalp infections, illness like typhoid, jaundice in the past, overuse of strong shampoos and hair dyes,use of hair driers and harmful radiations like ozone rays and polarised rays which can harm the hair follicles and can even lead to cancer, extensive use of helmet, swimming without cap, heredity, use of various antibiotics and iron deficiency Anaemia. In female patterned baldness in addition to the above reasons factors like hormonal imbalance due to irregular periods, profuse menses, during pregnancy, after delivery, menopause and protein deficiency lead to thinning of hair .In Alopecia Aerata the hair loss occurs in round circular patches which sometimes rapidly increase in size leading to total baldness known as alopecia totalis. This can even lead to hair loss from other parts of the body like eyebrows, beard and moustaches.

In care’n’ cure health clinic,Dr.joy’s specially formulated  award winning and proven exclusive homoeopathic oral medicines are given to be taken inside which will stimulate the hair follicles and thus producing regrowth of hair and healthy growth of hair. These proven homoeo medicines will initially help to preserve what all hair the patient is having. For males upto 50 strands of hair loss is common. But there should be regrowth in proportion to the loss of hair. But in most patients this regrowth does not occur because of the above mentioned factors, so the thinning of hair will take place. The patient will only continue loosing hair but will not gain back what he or she is loosing .

But homoeo medicines will control and cures the causes which caused the hairloss and help to regrow hair so that the ratio between hair loss and hair growth is balanced. So thinning of hair will gradually and steadily reduce by taking homoeopathic medicines and the bald patches will slowly start covering up. Many are of the belief that by applying medicated oils they can grow hair. But the fact is hair growth is only possible by taking oral medications which will stimulate the hair follicles inside the scalp and cures other causes of hair loss ,resulting in healthy growth of hair and without any side effects. The duration of hair treatment varies from case to case and depending upon the degree of hair loss.There are very effective award winning dr.joy’s medicines at care’n’ cure health clinic to arrest further greying of hairs too. Not only will your greying of hairs be arrested more than 60% of white hairs will be turning to brownish or blakish.

A minimum period of 6 months treatment is very much essential. But each month slow and steady improvements will be noticed.Also in Homoeopathy a holistic treatment is done and based upon the detailed case history of each patient the medicine also varies from person to person. So after studying each case in detail a medicine is prescribed.

For more details logon to www.drjosyjoy.com or drop into care’n’cure health clinic,No. 269, 1st floor,2nd cross,3rd main, Shridi Sai Baba Mandir road, Cambridge layout,ulsoor,bangalore,india,phone-91-80-25561088.

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