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Experience Complete Bliss at These Temples in Kerala

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Talking of temples, here are the most famous temples that you should visit in Kerala.

1. Sabarimala Sastha Temple

Likely a standout amongst the most well-known sanctuaries in Kerala, Sabarimala Sastha Temple is situated close to the Periyar Tiger Reserve. It is additionally one of those spots where journey is performed on an expansive scale. It is believed that around 50 million devotees visit here every year. The pilgrims to Sabarimala wear blue or dark dresses, smear sandalwood paste on their forehead and stay intact until the journey comes to an end.

2. Attukal Bhagavathy Temple

Attukal Bhagavathy Temple is close to the Padmanabhaswamy Temple. It is devoted entirely to Devi Parvathy. It has turned into an enormous fascination for ladies, who on a specific day, in Mid Feb-to-Mid March, cook Pongala, a blend of rice, jaggery, coconut and ghee in new mudpots on make-shift fires in the premises to please the goddess. Thousands partake in the occasion; the line of enthusiasts stretches out to the street.

3. Guruvayoor Sree Krishna Temple

Guruvayoor Sri Krishna is known as one of the most famous temples in Kerala. The Lord Krishna idol etched out with Patalanjana stone here, is certainly known for therapeutic values and has witnessed the most astounding number of marriage unions and rice feeding functions, in the outside area of the sanctuary. This temple is therefore, constantly pressed with pilgrims. There are singular section lines for senior citizens here.

4. Chottanikkara Temple

The main idol here is Bhagawati, the mother goddess who tends to treat those who are suffering from any mental illness. The sick come here in large numbers, and a considerable lot of them get cured. As Devi is worshiped along with Vishnu, the devotees address them together as Lakshminarayana. The goddess is venerated as Saraswati in the morning, Bhadrakali at twelve and Durga at night.

5. Mannarasala-Nagaraja Temple

One of the most famous and revered temples in Kerala, this temple, dedicated to Nagaraja or serpent god is settled in the rich green backwoods like other snake temples. The most attractive part that captivates devotees and travellers to come here and make this sanctuary more famous and noteworthy is the more than 30,000 pictures of snakes hung upon the trees. Here, women hold thanksgiving functions after being blessed with a baby and take snake pictures as offerings.

Aren’t these all too intriguing to resist paying a visit. What are you waiting for?

Source by Ravinder Malik


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