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Recently i had lost some money which is quite big considering the income that i generate and especially having quit the job thinking of starting some business which may not attract much investment.

I had to go to police to recover atleast some portion of what i had lost.

I went to Sai Temple located at mylapore, chennai and prayed Sai and while at the meditation area unknowingly i cried thinking as to what i would be doing going forward.

That is the time this wonder happened. Some one touched by back side just behind my shoulder and i immediately turned back to see who was that and i could not find any one. One girl was also meditating and she should be atleast 10 – 15 yards behind me. But i just ignored this and was not seriously thinking about this till the evening where i had to go the police station.

I went to the police station and i saw the writer to give a complaint against the person who had cheated me. The writer was speaking to someone over phone and after seeing me waiting he disconnected the call and kept the mobile phone on the table. The way he kept his phone in the table the phone went for a slight rotation and was now facing me. And on the wall paper i saw “Sai” again. And now started wondering what was happening.

Now the person who cheated on me came to the police station as per the writer instruction and without any enquiry the person accepted his fault and agreed to return the money he borrowed from me within a stipulated time. I remember now seeing the slogan in the mylapore shirdi sai temple “When i am there, why fear?”

Yes now i understand that Sai is omnipresent and he knows what, when, how to help the needy.

“Jai Sai”

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