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Hilex MINI STRIP 8 Plug Point Extension Strip with Fuse & Spark Suppressor

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Multi-Purpose Extension Strip for Several Applications. Featuring 8 plug points for use in a variety of electrical applications, the Hilex Mini Strip extension box is ideal for home use. Featuring an LED indicator for easy identification of the switch status, devices such as personal computers, charging adapters, home entertainment systems and more can be used on this extension strip. With a cable length of 4 yards, it is ideal when you are running out of plug points to use. Loaded with Safety Features for Peace of Mind. To avoid potential hazards caused due to a multiple electric point system, the Hilex Mini Strip is equipped with a number of safety features. With a 6 ampere fuse that cuts supply in case of voltage spikes and a spark suppressor, this extension strip keeps you and your family safe from electrical accidents.Hilex mini strip switch light indicator with fuse
4 yards length
input 230v 50hz, output 230v 50hz
Fuse rating 6 amp
Safety on/off switch


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