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How to Make Him Miss You After the Break Up – Ex Boyfriend Advice You Need


When your boyfriend dumps you and you still love him, it can leave you feeling very raw emotionally. Not only will you be feeling anger and sadness, but you’ll also experience regret and longing. Once you’ve gotten past the initial shock over the relationship ending you’ll start to wish you could have him back. Your mind will race back to the wonderful moments when he used to tell you he’d love you forever. If you want to have that back it is possible. Learning how to make him miss you after the break up is the first step towards getting him back for good.

Understanding how to make him miss you after the break up starts with recognizing the power in being emotionally calm and in control. Women are notorious for allowing their emotions to take hold of them. We tend to cry at even the smallest thing. It’s not uncommon for a woman to become teary eyed over a passionate romantic movie or even an endearing television commercial. It’s understandable that when we feel as though we’ve lost the man we adore that our emotions would wreak havoc. We do things during this time we wouldn’t normally do. Things like calling him continuously or sending him long, rambling emails proclaiming our undying love.

You absolutely must be in control of yourself if you hope to have any chance with your ex in the future. You must present yourself as a strong, stable woman. Show him that you are okay after the split and that your world didn’t come to a crashing halt just because he said goodbye to you. If you can do this, you’ll be on your way to getting him back.

The only way to make your ex boyfriend miss you is to remove yourself from his life. Some women can’t really comprehend this as they think that even a day away from their ex will result in losing him for good. Distance is your ally when you want to get him back. Making him miss you will reignite romantic feelings in him. It will help to push aside all the negative emotions he’s feeling right now over the beak up and will remind him of why he fell in love with you initially.

Do whatever you need to do to not call him for a few weeks. Focus on all the other areas of your life including reconnecting with friends and getting caught up with family. Surround yourself with people who love you and enjoy life. If you can do that, and resist the urge to reach out to him, he’ll start to miss you. Once that happens it won’t be long until he wants to talk with you again.

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