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Micro USB Mini OTG Adapter For Smartphones + USB enabled 3 wing fan (Assorted Color) + USB Light

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This is a Micro USB Male to USB A Female On-The-Go Host Cable Adapter in a small mini package. The USB OTG Micro USB On-The-Go (OTG) Adapter Cable features a Micro USB male (B-type) connector and a USB female (A-type) connector, delivering a simple way to convert your Micro USB OTG capable tablet computer or Smartphone into a USB On-the-go host, and enables you to connect a USB peripheral device such as a thumb drive, or USB mouse or keyboard, etc. This USB to Micro USB Host OTG cable is designed and constructed for maximum durability to ensure dependable, long-lasting connections. This adapter will only work with devices that support USB OTG. Please consult your documentation and/or your service provider to ensure that your device does support USB OTG functionality. The device supports charging of another mobile as well. Just plug in the cable to the USB host and use the charge from one phone to charge a second phone. You can attach fan & Light to this convertor or you can attach fan to your laptop directly in USB port.Micro USB OTG Supported Phones & Tablets ( Android OS )
USB fan, LED LIght And Mini OTG Adapter combo
Portable & Flexible
USB 2.0 Compatible
Available in assorted colors. No color is guaranteed and will be shipped any available color


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