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No Man's Land: Quaint, Abandoned Towns in the World

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Here are some of the world's most alluring towns that attract the attention because of their loneliness. Yes, they are abandoned since times immemorial. Now, please do not start looking for a hotel or homestay around these towns, for they definitely will not have any!

Pripyat, Ukraine

Pripyat, a city that had a populace of around 50,000, was totally forsaken after the Chernobyl nuclear catastrophe in 1986 stuck here. As a result of radiation, it has been left untouched since the season of that scene and will stay to be so for the coming years. Nature now drives the city in what resembles an entire prophetically calamitous motion picture.

Bhangarh, Rajasthan, India

If at any time you plan to visit the cultural sound or the adventure filled Rajasthan, then ensure that the town of Bhangarh is included your rundown of to-do's. Bhangarh was vanquished by Raja Jaipur in 1720. Not long after that, it was refused quickly. Since the seventeenth century, and much sooner than that, the remnants, including structures, havens, forts and the medieval bazaars are believed to have been cursed. A trip to this city will acquaint you with different stories about ghosts and legendary creatures that lurk at each bend of this abandoned town.

Pyramiden, Norway

This Arctic town, acclaimed for its coal mines, was a property of the USSR. It used to be an impossible Soviet settlement with shacks, sport centers, and a bust of Lenin. Subsequent to having been spent completely, the specialists here surrendered the town in 1998, abandoning each one of the structures. There is the library overflowing with books, the theater, and a museum with one of the most magnificent pianos on the planet.

St. Elmo, Colorado

Once a rising mining town, with trade centers and a mail station, located along the rail tracks which went along the central Colorado, this town was left deserted in 1922 when the railway station quit working. A lot of structures including houses, premises and shops remained, and till date have effects of the previous proprietors.

Hashima Island, Japan

Earlier, Hashima Island was rich in coal, with more than 5000 diggers once living on the island. Right when petrol supplanted coal as Japan's main fuel, the settlement was left abandoned. In no time, the once prospering town, sat creepily peaceful, with simply a few shadows of the past remaining.

These towns are those lost worlds that have something whimsical about them. Visiting urban communities that are humming with life is a normal voyager's thing. What an inquisitive voyager needs is something eccentric, something obscure to the world. These towns have that all. Take a slow tour around these, and know the feeling for yourself.

Source by Ravinder Malik


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