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sai temple at mappedu near tambaram chennai



This sai temple is roughly within 3 km’s from the camp road of tambaram, chennai.

It is named as “Nithiya Surabi Abisheka Sri Saibaba Aalayam”. Lots of miracles has started happening right from the day the temple got opened which made people to throng the temples in good numbers.

Please do visit this temple and get blessed.




  1. i am interest to visit this temple. can you give the mobile no and address of this temple, so that i can talk and write letters to the temple.thank you.

    • Hi

      Sorry for the delay.

      Dont have the contact number but if you wish to visit this place, you will have to reach chennai and then reach tambaram – camp road. And from there you can find this place.

      • This temple is not in the camp road. You can find 2 saibaba temple near tambaram.this temple is nithya surabhi sai baba temple in mappedu, the other One is in camp road.

  2. There is two ways to reach the temple, either you can use Tambram ==> Camp Road ==> Mappedu Junction ===> Mappedu Church Road =====> Temple or.

    Perungalthur =====> Alapakkam ====> GKM college road =====> Temple( less than 1 km fronm GKM college.

    • Dear Sir

      Please find herewith the address and mobile numb:

      No 22, Shri saraswathi theru, Vignesh colony, Puthur gramam – 10, Mappedu post, chennai – 73. Swamiji’s phone number: 960000173

    • Hi,

      don’t know why i would be punished. I don’t run this temple and i don’t have any commercial relationship. If you don’t like please don’t go.

      fyki…Anyone can become a member of this site and post something related to “Sai” temples. . I just go there to see “sai” and i don’t buy anything from there.

  3. I would like to visit this temple soon that is nigh ya surabhi sai baby at chennai tampuram Camp roAd. Kindly let me have the proper address and telephone numbers.


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