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Sandal powder rain at Saibaba Temple


Namo Sai

When i first saw the video in zee tamil tv i was astonished. There were all sandol powder on Sri Sai which had fallen from the roof. Zee tv could capture the video where someone was trying to open the false roof to see and find how this could have happened. And i could see in the video there was nothing except some dust which got settled on the inner side of the roof. Towards the ceiling from the temple upwards of Sri Sai there were all Sandal Powders.

That is the time i thought of visiting the temple. Not to find whether this could happen but to get blessed. My own experience with Sai has been great and unbelievable and hence went ahead in going to this temple.

The feeling was great and got to “Sri Sai” and it was wonderful visiting this temple.

There were sandol powders on the ceiling and the powder that were fallen on Sri Sai were given as prasadam to all the visitors. Fortunately i also got some. I was also told that close 6kg of sandal powder is what the temple authorities got on that day.

Just to add on: On the same sai temple good amount of Ghee was flowing from “Sri Sai’s” mouth which some of the visitors at that time were able to capture in their mobile. Here it is which i got from one of my friend.