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Shirdi Sai BABA on Sai-ka-aangan


Shirdi Sai Baba-the Eternal God

Sri Shirdi Sai Baba is the most easily approachable God.  Men and women can approach Him at any time, with any of their problems spiritual and temporal.  No yearning of the human heart is too insignificant for this compassionate Avathar

Sri Sai Baba is verily the Muralidhar, who temple Sri Bapu Saheb Buti, the millionaire of Nagpur, set out to construct which became the Samadhi Mandir, and where Sri Sai Baba lives for ever.  Sai is so responsive to person’s appeal, that as a devotee puts it, “what is important for Him is Bhakti and love, no the rituals and poojas, so that if with true bhakti and love, we lie down and pray Sai sits up and listens, if we sit and pray, He stands up and listens; if we stand up and pray, Sai dances and listens.”

To quote Sri Narasimha Swamiji, “Sri Sai Baba confers worldly benefits, cures diseases, provides mental peace and fills the devotees with gratitude and faith in Himself and in god.  He strengthens their moral principles and lays firm foundation for spiritual upliftment”.  When Sai Baba was asked what His mission was, He replied : “To take laksh of people to the feet of God.”

Shirdi Sai BABA Leela

Love alone rules the world. Love is holy, selfless, stain-free and love with integrity and simplicity is the form of God. Human heart is as vast as the Universe. When we churn the human heart, what results in is the golden chalice of ambrosia of love. The love a mother showers on her child and the love God rains on His devotees are too sweet to be savoured. It cannot be explained in plain words. Our true love is expressed, without expecting anything in return, for those whose faces we want to see glow in joy and they prosper and be peaceful. God’s love is, indeed, true love.What can we give as a gift to Baba who is the very embodiment of Divine Love? Pure love for Baba is the flower one can offer at His Feet. The service rendered with love to the society will be blessed by Baba and we will be led on the right path to reach Baba’s Feet of Felicity.

How should Sai Children behave in life?

When difficulties surround us there is a tendency towards retreating into quick contempt, cynicism and giving way to downright negative emotions. Is this what Sai children should do?When the going gets difficult, doubts arise. Doubts about our own abilities, and much worse doubts about our own faith in Sri Sai. Doubting our own abilities might be a helpful attitude as it aids one in stopping, evaluating, thinking through the crises and finding solutions to our problems. On the other hand, doubting our faith in Baba is more calamitous and should be unbecoming of a Sai child.

“My business is to give blessings”. “Allah has entrusted certain lives to me and I have to give an account (of everything) to Him”. These are Baba’s words and He never speaks untruth.

Unswerving faith in Sri Sai coupled with supple patience is what one needs in order to find the way out of difficulties. As the lessons of life are learnt, our individual experiences with Sri Sai will strengthen the cords of indebtedness that binds us to Baba. Inseparable.Attitude of such a Sai child should be like that of??The bird that broke her wings, robbed off her flight, crashing onto the ground from sky as her dreams turn misty??.. yet, kept saying to herself to smile, because whatever is robbed shall return tomorrow!…Read More

om sai ram!!

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