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Shirdi Sai Baba: Sri Sai Satcharitra Group Parayan (Regular reading)


Sai baba narrated sri sai satcharitra, his autobiography through hemad pant to the world to spread universal oneness and shradha & saburi. Baba’s life is as wide and deep as the ocean and all can dive deep into the same and take out precious gems of knowledge and bhakti and distribute the same to the aspiring public. Reading or hearing of sri sai satcharitra, the description of baba’s grand miracles would be interesting and instructive to his devotees and would remove their sins.
In later years sri sai satcharitra was made available in english & other indian languages, today sri sai satcharitra is available in ten indian languages for the comfort and easy understanding in our own language.

Devotees can read sri sai satcharitra online ( ten different languages) from saibaba sanasthan’s  site. Our fortnightly group parayan is organized in such a way that chapters are allotted to those who are interested and one complete parayan (50 chapters) is done by all of us in a fortnight (fifteen days). Since we are closely knit sai family from nook and corner of india and across the globe, the chapters can be read any time between 4am – 11pm ist.

The fortnightly group parayan will be posted on friday / saturday for the coming fifteen days. You are requested to please find out the chapters allotted to you and reply your confirmation at least 2-3 days before the parayan starts. Please remember to do the parayan on thursdays and leave a confirmation reply to the effect that you have read the same.

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