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Woodland Preschool/Kindergarten in Sai Kung Sept 2009


I am a father of two preschoolers living in Sai Kung area in Hong Kong. I have great dispute regarding to Woodland Preschool/Kindergarten who is going to be situated in Sai Kung or will they be able to establish themselves in the Sai Kung area that’s the question?? Let me provide you with an introduction, like any parents we go out of our way to provide our kids with the best education we can and of course I would choose the best branded and well known preschool for my kids. In this case I chose Woodland Preschool/Kindergarten which will be establising in Sai Kung area as early as Sept of 2009. So I went ahead and paid the registeration fee of $750 dollars for my kid you will say what a hefty price tag yes and I found out that legally in Hong Kong preschools are only allow to accept $300 HKD for registration fees and this not the only matter the course/mon $5900.00 HKD wow boy I thought with a school asking for so much money my kids are going to be in a well establishment for sure. I was wrong I was told my a close family friend that Woodland Preschool won’t be opening it’s door anytime soon because the Town Planning Board of Hong Kong have not even approved their status to establish their preschool/kindergarten in Sai Kung. I was furious what intention is that they accept my money without letting me know that they haven’t even gotten themselves clear with all licensing to be established.

This truly concerns me with such well known school in Hong Kong can still be so non transparent of their status to parents and kids that applies to their school. How am I going to believe my kids are going to be well taught by them when truly they are hiding or at worst lying about their own establishment status.

I wish all parents in the Sai Kung area will be warn of their beahviour so that they don’t fall for the same deception that they are fully licensed to be open in Sai Kung for this Sept of 2009. I now worry how I am going to get my money back for this registration fee surely it’s not refunable. I might have to wait for up to 6 months to a year for them to clear this issue with the Town Planning Board of Sai Kung.

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